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The strategic location of the terminal and the extension of their estate, allows Delta Dock to offer the automotive industry a HUB area where marine transports converge with international and national road haulers.
The ample parking lots allow CROSS DOCKING and distribution of all type of vehicles for the import, national and export market.
We count with the following structure:

Delta Dock has destined 22 hectares of paved storage area for vehicles, with its corresponding perimeter fence, private security 24 hours, illumination and an area of loading and unloading. Next to the wharfs 4.5 hectares of bonded area is available for temporary storage of export  / import. The ample space avoid unnecessary movements, damages, and optimizes costs.
The extension of the estate and the amount of the land available permit growth based on the necessities of this type of operation

Delta Dock is the only terminal in Argentina with anti-hail structure apt for 3,500 vehicles.

From a modern 2,200 m2 warehouse all the necessary Pre-Delivery services are provided. This way each unit is delivered in optimal conditions in accordance with standards of the car industry.

Services of vehicles distribution, national and international transportation, liberation and deliver of trucks by means of document and certificate.

A team of professionals with ample experience in the export and import works next to You, providing the best commercial and operational solution. With customized attention and pursuit, we are able to provide an answer and security to each operation.
A typical example of this was the latest discharge and loading operation at our floating wharf of all the equipment of the World-Rally Championship - Argentina 2003.

A specialized labor force fitted with technologies of latest generation perform the tasks of inspection, handling of units, picking, and any other form of service that you need for the vehicles.