The terminal was built in a non-congestive area, away from cities in a pollution free surrounding on a 288 hectare surface.  This ample space allows the creation of a logistic park with own berths. Operators, importers and exporters can conduct their core activities  in Delta Dock, while Delta carries out the port handling activities. Users can have their own deposits from where they are able to distribute, carry out value added services and store their products in an efficient way directly to the end users / consumers. "Concept V.A.L.: VALUE ADDED LOGISTICS”
The characteristics of Delta Dock allow us to consider it like a logistic platform in the chain of distribution and storing for all type of cargoes,especially those in relation with the petrochemical , forest and mineral industry, that require big extensions and investments.
Our objective is to offer highly efficient services with incorporation of added value, by means of a strategic alliance with users of the terminal. Mid – long term contracts are our priority.

Vessels mooring portside at Delta Dock may do so subject Masters' decisión, without the need of tugboats. The non-existence of congested transit gives us a fast access without delays. Direct contact with the management team in charge of the terminal contributes to fast solutions, without bureaucracy. Permanent investment in storage capacity and mechanizations according to the necessities and projects of the clients.
Delta Dock looks for lasting relationships and its policy is orientated towards the solution of the necessities of the clients, for this reason all contracts are “tailor made”.

The terminal is located on the Parana river which connects Bolivia- Brazil and Paraguay to the River Plate delta. This river‘s main stream is apt for ocean going vessels upto l.o.a. 225 mtrs (Panamax)
It’s also located near the main freeway nbr. 9 which leads to the heart of the industrial corridor Buenos Aires-Rosario-Cordoba.
Availability of services for the client (electrical energy with medium and low tension, gas, cellular , network telephones, fax and e-mail service). Rental of offices.
Customs and sanitary authorities have their offices inside the terminal and an online connection with the central Customs Office is installed. The terminal offers the following services: Provision of fresh water, mooring/unmooring, oil spill prevention and other services to the ships.