This is a concrete construction on pillars with 3 accesses. It is suitable for bulk operations, general cargo and Ro-Ro.
Length:  172 m., Wide: 10 m.
Height above MWL Zarate  4 m., Height of Average tide: 1.00 m, however this is influenced by prevailing wind directions and may vary considerably.

Depth alongside 40 feet to the 0 water level of Zarate. Draft restrictions apply to sailing on the River Plate which currently is aprox. 34. (June 2003)
Maximum length: 227 m.
Apt for operations of Panamax & Baby Capesize vessels.
Provided with 11 fenders of great capacity at 15 meters of each other.
The wharf is fitted with a fire extinction network, electricity and fresh water provide.

Floating wharf. (Concrete made).
Length: 127 m., Wide: 33 m.
Height on the water: 2.10m., Height of Average tide: 1.00 m.
Maximum water depth a/s : 34 feet to the 0 water level of Zarate.
Maximum length: 225 m.
Apt for operations with Panamax vessels.

Provided with 5 rubber fenders of great capacity each separated by 25 meters.
Fitted with fire extinguishing network, and electricity.
This wharf is specially apt for the handling of Ro-Ro and self sustained vessels for general cargo, project cargoes and bulk operations. Mobile cranes are available.

The terminal is fitted with 2 bonded scales for grain operations and two scales for general and bulk cargoes each one of them with a capacity up to 80 Tns.

The location of Delta Dock at section 1.2 of the Hidrovia constitutes a superb option for the transfer of barges used for the Hidrovia traffic of the Mercosur. (Argentina - Paraguay Bolivia Brazil).

The basin has a surface of 20,000 m with a depth of 16 feet, which allows the operation of 4 or more barges simultaneously.
Also it counts with a crane fitted with a grab with a capacity of unloading up to 200/400 tons per hour.

Delta Dock has destined 22 hectares of paved storage area for vehicles, with its corresponding perimeter fence, private security the 24 hours, illumination and an area of loading and unloading. Next to the wharfs 4.5 hectares of bonded area is available for temporary storage of export  / import.

Delta Dock is the only terminal in Argentina with anti-hail structure apt for 3,500 vehicles.

A modern 2,200 m2 warehouse was built and from here all the necessary Pre-Delivery services are provided. This way each unit is delivered in optimal conditions in accordance with standards of the car industry.

In front of berth nbr. 1, two (2) horizontal warehouses were constructed with a surface of 7,500 m2 (150 x 50) each, totally free of columns, with a capacity of grain storage of 35,000 tons each, totalling 70,000 of pre- shipment capacity.

Delta Dock has also 8 silos with a capacity of 36,000 additional tons with a grain dryer of 250 tons/hour capacity to dry and to prepare soya, corn and wheat.

Delta Dock counts with 2 new deposits of 3,200 and 4,000 m2 each. An additional 3rd depot of 4,000 m2 is currently under construction with an ample area for containers, all destined to the storage of general cargo, bulk cargoes both for bonded and national storage.