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Delta Dock is situated in an agricultural zone that produces great volumes of all type of grains, such as: Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Sunflower and its by- products.
Its proximity to these zones allows savings in the logistics of transport and handling, thus contributing to a cost effective positioning of these commodities in the port.
In addition the terminal counts with the facilities necessary to prepare / sample and condition grains, allowing an operation of reception and elevation to ships that consists of:





In order to offer a fluent and quiet operation during the unloading an ample parking area for trucks with multiple services is available. The area is fenced and guarded by private security.
Currently capacity of reception stands at 1,000 Tns/ hour.
3 roofed tilting platforms for trucks are available.
Plant of preparation with 36,000 tons additional storage
Reception, distribution and loading to vessels is carried out by covered conveyor belts thus avoiding deterioration of the grain by handling and maintaining the quality of the product.
Control of weight by means of two weight scales each one of 80,000 kg.
Pneumatic sampling of trucks, laboratory facilities for quality check.
Fumigation area.

A Gantry type Crane allows us to unload barges with a rate of 300 Tns hour. The dimensions of the bay allow the dockage of a convoy of barges.
A direct connection by conveyor belt and weight scale from the gantry crane towards the grain cells has been projected.


Two cells of 70,000 tns.
8 storing Silos for 36,000 tns.
DRYER with 250 tons/hour capacity to dry and to prepare.

Using de two conveyors we can reach 1,100 Tns per hour rate.
The conveyors are able to move on the berth and allow simultaneous loading of 2 different holds at a time of a bulk carrier. Trimming and topping off can be carried out without the need of moving the vessel.
The loaded volumes are controlled by means of two bonded weight scales enabling to ascertain the exact weight loaded per hold.
The drying and conditioning plant is connected to the loading conveyors with a covered conveyor belt of 1,300 mts length with a capacity of 1,000 tns./hr.