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Delta Dock works like a storage center for the import and/or export of several massive consumption goods for the national industry.
Among them are : Soda Ash, Sodium Sulphate – fertilizers, etc.

In the case of importing merchandise the goal is to discharge / receive during a 18 hrs period and at clients' request a 7 day per week, 24 hr operation is feasible.
Goods are stocked into a central warehouse and additional services can be given (bagging into big / small bags), stock control is carried out by the terminal who reports on a daily basis to the clients. The supply is made by means of daily deliveries and transport directly from the port to the user’s plant (Just in Time).

For export Delta Dock stores the merchandise in advance, guaranteeing a direct and fluid load towards the ship.

The operations includes the following services:

- Unloading or loading the Vessels.
- Internal Transport between warehouses.
- Control of received or given weight.
- Control of quality.
- Reception, control of Stock and delivery from warehouses.
- Tasks of packing or unpacking.
- Preparation of delivery orders.
- Daily Report of Stock to the client.

At the moment a total of 3 deposits are available, 2 bonded warehouse of 3,200 m2 and 2,000 m2 each and a national one of 2,000 m2. Also a 4,000 m2 warehouse for national storage is under construction.
The warehouses are new and apt for all type of general cargoes according to their necessity.
New space for the construction of additional depots is available for clients who are in need of a specific space in a private port.

Delta Dock counts with 35,000 m2 of bonded vehicles parking area and, about 30,000 m² for the storage of forest products. These areas can also be used for project cargoes. In front of the floating wharf 3,000 m² of Customs zone is available.
It is foreseen that before 2004 the terminal will provide a container operation to barges and coastal feeder vessels. Vanning – devanning – storage of empty containers and trucking is our next step towards integration of the industrial hinterland with the Hidrovia.

It allows to the reception or delivery of merchandise by barges, their distribution to the national market or the loading to ocean going vessels with temporary storage.

- Loading of bagged cargoes such as: Beans -Sugar – Rice tec.
- Big Bags.
- Special-project cargoes, heavy lifts –transformers, containers.
- Import and export of bulk cargoes.