Delta Dock is located at the locality of Lima, Municipality of Zárate, at the kilometer 100 of the Pan-American Motorway, connected through 10 kilometers of paved road, suitable for heavy transit.

The terminal is located on the right margin of the
Paraná River at km. 132.5 (Called "Vuelta de las Limas"). Its access requires only twelve hours of navigation from the Common Zone.
This location allows the operation of vessels of up to 227 meters of length with maximum depth of 34 feet, which is the maximum allowed at the River Plate. The use of tugboats is not compulsory.


Locality Km
Lima 5
Zárate Bridge 23
Campana 40
Pacheco 75
Buenos Aires 110
Rosario 200
Santa Fé 383
Córdoba 620


Porto Alegre 1200
Curitibia 2000
Sao Paulo 2400
Río de Janeiro 2800
Asunción by river 1500